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Have you ever noticed just how much a plum resembles a butt?


have you ever wondered what 2.7kg of cheese looks like?

Good cheese is expensive here, so it’s much cheaper to buy it in bulk. That is, if you can eat it all.

I went to Metro, a bulk supplier, and brought home this slab of cheese.

Unfortunately, that hunk of cheese wouldn’t fit into my already bursting freezer, so I had to chop and package it into little bags for future use.

And if you thought this delectable mound of mozarella cheese is overdoing it, this is the SMALLEST block of cheese we could find. When you think you can take on 10kg of Cheddar, I’ll take you to Metro.

hold me!

Possibly the cutest monkey ever?

Courtesy of FJ (:

a very happy valentines


Firstly, I would like to point out that I am not late for valentines day. I’m sure that somewhere in the world, it’s still the fourteenth.

To be honest, I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day before. I’ve never had a reason to, and it’s pretty much a commercial holiday. Not to mention, 3hrs and 15min of Chemistry HL exams kind of ruined the holiday cheer.

At least, that’s what I thought.

grease me!

Like this pan, the day started pretty usual. Pretty boring. A little slippery from not sleeping enough, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. For those of you who don’t know, IB is pretty much synonymous with sleep-deprived.


But then it turned out that the chemistry test was alright. Not amazing. Not awful. Seems good to me. Just mix in a little bit of chocolate and it’ll make your day, right?


Just melt it with some delicious, dark chocolate and creamy butter.


And some dark brown sugar. Is it just me, or does brown sugar kind of taste like raisins? Not that I’ve been eating spoonfuls of sugar, of course.

And the caster sugar is so pretty! Just like snow! We had the most wonderful snowfall on valentines day. It was so soft and floaty, like icing sugar! But it didn’t taste like icing sugar. Especially when it went into my eye.


Which leaves us with…one batch of delicious brownies. Oh, didn’t I say that they were low-fat? Oops, my bad. They’re still deliciously fudgy, though! And not too sweet, either – just the way I like it. Chocolate > sugar.


But some things are too sweet for words.



i love it when i find hidden pans in the kitchen!


the cuteness of fruits

I have never quite realised how cute papayas are, or how yummy they are too! Have you?