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the Belated Chinese New Year post: how to wrap dumplings

I’m sorry! This is so typical of me. To post for a holiday two days late, but you will get used to it, dear readers because I assure you this will happen again and again. That’s just the sort of writer I am. 🙂


Dumplings are pretty much the iconic Chinese food. Specifically outside of China and loads of people think that wrapping dumplings requires some magical skill that only Asian people possess. Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahaha.

Yeah right. This is easy stuff. Even my friend’s cousin’s hamster’s best friend’s great aunt’s pool boy could do this.

But because of this, dumplings in places like Australia can sell for a ridiculous amount. At $1 AUS per dumpling, I could make a fortune. All I’d have to do is price them at at 1 cent lower than all the other places and I can forget about having to take HL chemistry!

So without further ado, let’s have a belated Chinese New Year with



You start out with the dumpling wrapper thing. We usually make our own, but as we were making them in Singapore, there wasn’t exactly room to roll out our own dough so we stuck with store-bought which wasn’t bad, but they were really small.


This is a truly awful picture. I’m sorry, guys ):

Because we used store-bought wrappings, they were already floured and thus the sides won’t be sticky enough for you to actually press them into shape. Sooo, have a teacupful of water nearby for you to dip your finger in and run along in a semi-circle across the far end of your wrapper. This makes it nice and sticky (and soggy).


Now take your filling (ground meat + veggies. I don’t have time to go into this) and plop some on your wrapper. Never listen to people who tell you to use a tablespoon or whatever to get an exact amount of filling. They’re being ridiculous. We’re wrapping dumplings, not doing rocket science. Just use what looks right as long as the filling doesn’t look like it’s about to devour the wrapper or look like a floating island in an expanse of dough, it’s all good.

Besides, a little mish-mash in size gives your dumplings character :). It’s also a lot faster if don’t measure it out every. single. time.


Okay, so take the edge of the wrapper closest to you with your thumb and forefinger and just pinch it firmly to the opposite side so you have the semi-circle above.

See? I told you this was easy.


Okay, now this is the “hard” part. Slide your index finger onto the right side of your pinched part and taking the outer edge, fold it towards your middle pinch, then pinch it together. This is pretty hard to explain. There’s a better picture of what I’m going to say.

However, once you’ve got this simple fold mastered, you’re practically set because the rest of the wrapping is just repeating this 3 more times!


So add your second fold using the same method next to your first one. It should look something like this…without the extremely weird hand angle.

Make sure all your folds are facing the outside!! Otherwise you won’t get that nice crescent shape and that my friend,  is a fact.


This picture probably demonstrates how to do the fold better than I could ever explain using words. All you have to do is repeat the folds on the other side of the dumpling. I normally still use my right hand to do this. My left one is only in the picture because I needed one hand to hold the camera.

Yum yum, the dumpling looks so good! You can see the almost-full plate of dumplings in the background. I love lining dumplings up all nice and organised on the plate.


Ta-daa! That wasn’t so hard, was it?? It’s only really a couple of folds. Yeah, your first dumpling probably isn’t looking so good, but you’ll get used to it super fast. My dumpling up top doesn’t look so perky either.


Yay! A completed mountain of dumplings! One of my favourite parts is throwing them into the pot of boiling water. Bahahaha!


Toss your dumplings into a pot of boiling water (don’t worry, no live lobsters here) and boil them until they’re floating.

Yes, I am aware they look uncannily like brains…but they’re delicious. The zombies from Plants vs. Zombies would approve.


Aaand my second favourite part. Eating the dumplings. They were super super yummy and cooked just right. I think I actually really like the mini-sized ones. It’s kind of like fun-sized, you know? Like how candy bars always taste better fun-sized than in a big bar 😀

have a Happy Chinese New Year!