A Turkish Birthday

Dear Joyceh,
We’ve been very good friends for over thirteen years now, which is quite an achievement by itself, seeing as I am a lovingly insufferable twit. 🙂

Even though we’ve been friends for so long, it always seems weird to me that I’m older than you if only by a month. This could possibly be because I know how old we REALLY are (averaging about 5 now). Maybe it’s also because you’re already adventuring your way in university and being all grown up -ahem- while I slob around at home, watching 88 episodes of Gossip Girl. Maybe. Or perhaps it’s because I have some great memories of us doing our ‘numa numa’ dance on the bridge over botanical gardens and rocking it out to La Cucaracha.

Either way, I would like to wish you a very happy eighteenth birthday. I would tell you to have a great night and get drunk, but the drinking age in the states is an appalling 21 years, so don’t get caught 😉


P.S. I’m in the middle of Turkey right now and have no internet, which is why I have stolen my workaholic of a dad’s blackberry to write this email. Gosh, these keys are TINY!


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  1. Dear Jean,

    Haven’t we only been friends for seven years? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    In any case, you are a very sufferable lovable twit 😀

    I’d say we’re more like THREE years old now. I want to finish the last half hour of Return of the King with you, because I STILL haven’t watched it. We need to be in HK or Shanghai or something at the same time. I haven’t seen you in such a long time D:

    Well, it’s a Wednesday night so I can’t exactly get drunk, but I did have a shot. The legal drinking age being 21 is NO DETERRENT to my weekend activities 😛

    Hope you’re having tons of fun traversing the near East.


    • Dear Internet,

      I ate way too much food today (KOREAN BBQ’S ARE SINFULLY IRRESISTIBLE, ARGH).

      Also, which uni do you go to in the US, joyce?? (even though we don’t know each other except through our comments on this blog) And! One puny little shot isn’t nearly enough! 😀


      • Haha, there’s only one degree of separation between us so let’s just say we know each other. I go to Swarthmore – it’s near Philadelphia.

        It was a Wednesday! I made up for it last night. And will again tonight. 😛

    • Well, seven and a bit. I do like to round up, no matter how much. i.e. I am five foot four inches tall. Perhaps I am closer to five foot three. The world may never know. 😀

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