Have you ever noticed just how much a plum resembles a butt?


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  1. hehe you said butt 😛


    but as you said yourself, going to theme parks with family isn’t as fun as going to theme parks with friends. is your brother coming too? do your parents even like rollercoasters (they make my mom nauseous and my dad finds them boring – I don’t know how that’s possible)?

    also, the link to your twitter account across the top bar doesn’t work.

  3. the frequency of your updates are increasing, yay! and WOAH i have not indeed noticed that. the one thing about my cafeteria i dont like, their plums and peaches arent very good, they’re often not quite ripe yet, and are thus really hard and sour. so you have to pick really carefully.

    btw, i am currently in the process of writing your email. at 16000 words now (and not finished yet). so, totally beat you 😀


      It’s alright. My posts are gonna end on…Friday, since I’m going to HK, Dubai and Turkey.

      I will totally write all about my awesome holiday in my next email, which will probably be like, 20,000 words. Hah!

      Did I mention that I’m going to the Ferrari Theme Park in Abu Dhabi, where they have the fastest roller coaster in the world? 😀

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