Dear friends, family and fond readers: My last exam was the day before yesterday.

Which essentially means that I’m free. I’ve never had so much time to do anything I wanted, with no overhanging deadline (cough EE!) or thought of “back to school in a month!”.

It’s oddly  inspirational and decidedly depressing at the same time. I love the freedom – after 13 years in the education system, heck I deserve it, but it’s just so…weird.

Depressingly, although I have the time to do anything I want to do, I also happen to be one of the most indecisive people in the world, and I”m not even kidding about that. So what do to in my new found time just escapes me.

But I have decided on one thing: I’m going to blog. A lot more than I used to.  So, hopefully you’ll see some changes to this blog in the near future, and hopefully I’ll be consistent about blogging, too!  All I have to do now is decide where to start…

Ahh, indecision.


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